Platter Whimsical

Ah, cravings. One weekend, I wanted those huge, elaborate cold platters they serve at restaurants. The result was this whimsical (and delectable, if I do say so myself) collection of vegetables and dips.

3 dip veggie platter

I made Roasted Eggplant Cilantro Pesto that combines the flavours of fire-roasted eggplant with fresh coriander and garlic, with toasted almonds for smoothness and a little twist of dry mango powder.

A Tamarind Cumin Hummus gave my platter a tangy protein boost. For an onion-y kick, I made Spring Onion Guacamole.

The choice of vegetables included bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots and steamed broccoli. (I had some steamed baby corn in the refrigerator too, but got too hungry to remember them. They would’ve made a good photo.) And I used this Roasted Potato Trick for some, well, roasted potatoes 😀

While some of the veggie-dip pairings were a bigger hit than the others (roasted potatoes with the pesto, bell peppers with the hummus, cucumbers with the guacamole), there really wasn’t a false note in this spread.

3 dip veggie platter

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